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Artist, designer, and tarot reader - intuitive and sensitive, I perceive myself as a skilled manifestor of creations.

My fascination with mysticism and the esoteric has been a lifelong passion, but it was in 2018 that this inclination began to surge even stronger. The Tarot entered my life through a close friend who is both an artist and a tarot enthusiast, and from that point onward, the very foundations that upheld me started to shift.

This journey led me along a profound path of exploration and self-discovery, guiding me towards a more authentic version of myself. It was during this quest that I gave birth to TRINUM, a creative venture that seamlessly melds art, esotericism, design, and healing. You can explore more about it here 

Diving into the language of symbols revealed to me the transformative power they possess - an influence that takes hold if we allow ourselves to be guided by them.

Through my artistic creations, personalized one-on-one sessions, and workshops, my ultimate aim is to usher clarity and direction into your present, thereby enabling the full blossoming of your potential.

"I perceive the Tarot as a living entity, which is why I continuously seek new paths to connect with it.

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Arcane XVII

Creation of The Star card for the Aquarius Tarot. Arcane that do not adhere to a uniform graphic or conceptual approach, embracing an eclectic creative method instead. You can view the entire series here.

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