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Lunat Epiphania vol.I

Tarot, Art & Magic

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Lunat Epiphania vol.I
Lunat Epiphania vol.I

Time & place

16 ago 2023, 18:00 – 23:00

MOOS SPACE, Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435, Berlin, Germany

About the event

Welcome to the realm of "Lunat Epiphania": a convergence of Tarot, Art and Magic.

Once every two months we meet to be part of an enchanted and unique experience, where secrets are revealed in a special and unrepeatable way.

Within this ethereal gathering, the veils between the visible and the invisible become thin, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, imagination and Lunar Magic.

This August, our first edition materializes.

Explore the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, experience a fascinating Art exhibition, Live Performances & Music and join us in a Lunar Ceremony with the darkness of the New Moon in Leo.

Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, fostering a sense of community and sharing the collective energy of the night.                                                         

 Let the secrets of Lunat Epiphania unfold before you...


This First Edition we are honored to have the participation of the following artists:

Gábor Hartyáni

Gábor started improvising on his cello 20 years ago. Since then he embraced genres and disciplines like instant composition, contact improvisation, jazz, world, experimental and electronic music. After his Sociology and Anthropology studies in Budapest and creating for two and a half years in Amsterdam, he moved to Berlin in 2017. Besides working on his solo project FLoHM, he is the founder of the world fusion collective Khayâl and the sound journey trio TRILOKA, while he is the cellist of the electronic live act NORLYZ and the Afropean Nomad Chanson group Maemo and collaborate swith various dancers and musicians in Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Gábor keeps on (re)searching,observing and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.

Xristina Sarli

Born in Rhodes and based in Berlin, hybrid artist Xristina Sarli has been upcycling society's "capita mortua" - literally "worthless remains" or unwanted objects and knowledge - for several years now. By applying their expanding analog and digital skills, from painting and sculpture to digital media production, Ai tools and XR realities, Sarli tweaks their artistic language with a digital accent to challenge the boundaries of experimental storytelling and explore the depths of quantum queerness in cyberground game environments.

Fanni Fabian

Fanni Fabian is a Berlin-based artist, working with an array of mediums, from canvas to performative pieces, sculpture to home design, her artistic repertoire encompasses a vast spectrum. With a deep passion for textiles as her beloved medium, Fanni weaves magic into every creation.

Her art is strongly influenced by collaborative endeavors across disciplines and rooted in a background of sustainable fashion and material driven design.

Her fashion collaborations embody the unique urban spirit of Berlin, while her home decor, macrame pieces reminiscent traditional aesthetics.

Anna Valeska Pohl

Anna Valeska Pohl (*1985) is a German performance artist and writer-director working at the intersection of theatre, film, installation and theory.

After she had graduated in philosophy, she founded her performance collective bambule.babys, a "breeding place for unruly femininity and queer futures"  Puls, Bayerischer Rundfunk lists Pohl as one of the top five emerging artists born in Bavaria.

Her most ambitious work up to date is her Baby Paradise Trilogy (2018-now) about trauma and taboo. The Guardian (Observer) calls the first part of the trilogy, her solo-piece Baby Paradise, a "must-see show". Pohl’s works have been show in Berlin and at various international festivals. In 2023 she has been a La Pocha Nostra artist-in-residence in Mexico City. In addition to creating her “provocative” performance and films, she teaches philosophy, politics and performance, and facilitates theater and film projects for young people.


Art, to me, signifies engaging with oneself and the world In my artistic practice, I process and contemplate my surroundings, reality, and my personal connections with humanity and nature. Art, primarily for me. represents an intangible essence that can certainly take on a physical form. yet it's not obligatory. It signifies, above all, confron­ting oneself and the world, and engaging in something that feels authentic and is guided by as few societal rules as possible. Artistically, I navigate between abstract-figurative images, drawings. and texts, as well as serially conceived works. I follow erratic thoughts without over­thinking, and act instinctively. I paint and layer, I scratch and modify images, I deconstruct and reconstruct, and within these actions, moments of tranquility emerge, often leading me to con­crete ideas. The deliberate process of skill reduction and surrendering to "noisy" thinking is a form of perfectionistic anti-perfectionism. I engage in a dialogue with myself and my work, yet I do not have a specific image or representation in mind. Hints of figures emerge, at times to be painted over, transformed into different entities that I never fully articulate, but rather leave suspended, allowing space for imagination and associations, both for myself and others.


Artist, designer & tarot reader born in Argentina and currently living in Berlin. Intuitive and sensitive, I consider myself a great materializer of creations. 

Being immersed in the language of symbols made me realize the great transformative power they possess -if we let them guide us. Through my creations, my 1:1 sessions and my Workshops my purpose is to bring clarity and focus to your present so you can develop your full potential.

Priscilla Hasenböhler

The Basel-based artist Priscilla Hasenböhler is interested in those moments and states that arise when supposedly contradictory things take place simultaneously; such as the beautiful and the ugly or rationality and absurdity. Her mainly painted, sometimes digital and sculptural works of art are always created intuitively. She has been studying fine arts at the Zurich University of the Arts and at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Natalia Dymkowski

Photographer & Visual artist, creator of subjectivities.

Capturing Magic throughout the Evening - Photo&Video


  • 2 horas

    Tarot Readings by TRINUM

  • 5 horas

    "Baby Paradise" video & performance by Anna Valeska Pohl

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